Another World Chapter Guide

Welcome to "Another World." The characters in this story are generated using The Sims 3 and legacy story, meaning, if will feature multiple generations starting with founder Alina Blankenship (McIntyre).

The story begins with a young woman who was sent through a dimensional gate to Dragon Valley in order to save her life. Her mother, the witch Mathilda Blankenship, sent her daughter, Alina, to present day Dragon Valley where Alina must learn the custom and ways of the modern age. Being caught between old habits and customs of a time long past and strange and sometimes frightening conveniences and wonders of the modern age will test Alina's ability to cope and succeed. Meanwhile, she hoped to one day be reunited with her mother, who, for reasons yet unknown, has not been able to join her.

Generation #1 begins with the founder, Alina Blankenship. Each generation will be a unique story in itself, featuring its own plot, supporting characters, and so forth. Previous generations will make appearances whenever needed. You will also see characters from my story "Forever in Time," which you can read here.

Let the fun begin!

Generation #1 - Alina Blankenship
Career - Culinary
Lifetime Wish - Celebrated 5-Star Chef

Chapter 1, Hurtling Through Time
Chapter 2, Traveling Abroad
Chapter 3, A New Friend
Chapter 4, Reunited
Chapter 5, Betrothed
Chapter 6, Crisis
Chapter 7, Spiritual Peril
Chapter 8, What Not to Wear
Chapter 9, Dreams Do Come True
Chapter 10, A Crazy Little Thing Called Newlyweds
Chapter 11, The Birds and the Bees
Chapter 12, Treatment
Chapter 13, Finding Our Way Back
Chapter 14, Surprise Visit
Chapter 15, To Find Answers
Chapter 16, Mother's Plan
Chapter 17, Kiss Me While I Sleep
Chapter 18, into the Afterlife
Chapter 19, Flora's Folly
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25

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